Birthday Bliss

Jan 19, 2014

Today is my day of birth. Initially, I was feeling a bit weird about turning another year older (I'm no longer 20 but not yet 30) but I couldn't help but feel peacefully happy today. Although I have Spanish homework  that is haunting me (it's due right before midnight), I was determined to have a wonderful day. I feel like this could be the year that I do something...anything... to make myself feel a little more "connected" to the world, whether it be through travel or volunteering, etc. 

Aside from that, you'll notice in these pictures I'm wearing, uh, tennis shoes? What's the proper word? Walking shoes? I don't with laces...? But my point is that I'm not used to wearing these kinds of shoes. They make me feel like I'm trying to be 12 years old again or a bit masculine for lack of a better word. I like delicate shoes that make a tapping sound when you walk- they seem much more feminine. Still, my mom is always telling me to be "practical" and wear comfortable shoes so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not really convinced that I could become a regular wearer of these shoes but every once in a while is okay. The whole time I walk with these tennis shoes I feel like I have clown feet or something. I think I'll stick to my classy boots and fancy flats. 

Here's to another year of adventure and happiness.

Outfit details: Shorts/Scarf/Sunnies: Forever 21/Sweater: Old Navy/Shoes: Nike via TJ Maxx/Dog: Animal Shelter

Letters to my world

Jan 13, 2014

Dear Pandora radio, thank you for playing all the right songs at the right time. P.S. I only wish I could press repeat to hear a song more than once in a row because I'm obsessive like that. 

Dear wind outside my window, are you threatening to take the roof off? It's insane- I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz tornado. 

Dear pointless history class, please don't cause me anymore anxiety attacks. I can't be so afraid of participating in class discussions-it's getting ridiculous. Still, I can't help myself. 

Dear dry shampoo, you smell good and make my hair look somewhat clean, but why must you leave a white powdery residue? My scalp can produce dandruff on its own, thank you very much. 

Dear classical music, you take me away to a far away magical  land where the grass is green, skies sparkle, and everyone lives in a castle.

Dear music class, why do you have to be a morning class that stretches throughout 3 days of the week? Couldn't we just cram it all into one or two afternoons?

Dear midnight, you arrive so quickly. I always say I'm going to bed before you arrive but here we meet again. 

Dear Djinn Djinn, you're the best doggie in the world even though you don't like wearing your denim jacket that is way too cute on you (P.S. you won't have to wear it- stop giving me those little sad eyes with the eyebrows).

Post idea originated from The Freckled Fox.