The Cutest Little Bag EVER

The moment I saw this little bag on ASOS, I knew it was meant to be mine ('cause, you know, the whole British obsession thing which I'm sure you're tired of hearing about). I had originally seen it for the regular price of $7.56 and hesitated to make the purchase because I'm cheap like that a poor university student. But one day I couldn't believe my eyes when it was listed for $3.56 (oh, hey, it's still listed at that same price so now's your chance to snag it and hey, free shipping- whoa!). I think its purpose is to hold coins but as soon as I saw it in person, I knew it would be perfect to hold my little digi camera that I always carry with me. Don't you just love it when things like this happen unexpectedly? Oh, little coin purse turned camera bag, you make me happy when skies are gray (which is ironic considering it's representing London, the home of gray skies, or so I hear...)

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  1. Wow :) simply stunning!!

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  2. That is so cuteeeeeee

  3. Hello from Spain: great purchase. Lovely. Keep in touch

  4. Ahh! Agreed, that is the cutest bag ever! I too have a slight obsession with all things British. My boyfriend makes fun of me for it. :)

  5. Wow. I can't believe it was that inexpensive-just shows you it was fate that you would get it ;) It is so sweet!

    And Strepsils are a brand of cough sweets in the UK :)

  6. That seriously is the cutest bag ever! I need to have that because my last name is Bond haha! I am totally seeing if I can buy this, plus it's so inexpensive! Thanks for showing your find! :)


  7. SO cute!!! Also, you blog layout is simply the cutest ever! x

  8. That's the cutest little bag eveeer! it's so cute haha I want it!





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