My Personal Style Icons

If I had to describe my style in several words, it would be quirky but classy and comfortable. I try to dress appropriately for every occasion whether it's for a wedding or a trip to the beach. I've always liked to experiment with clothing and accessories (not in a Lady Gaga kind of way, though, I'm afraid...) and even though I feel that my high school years were my most stylish yet, I'm slowly gaining back my desire to look put together. Over the years, my style has changed so much (as I'm sure most people do) and along the way I've had much inspiration from a few of these famous faces.

The Spice Girls: If you don't know by now, I'm the hugest Spice Girls fan ever (EVER). I'm not even ashamed to admit that. They were pretty much the definition of my childhood since I was 11. Every thing I did or thought revolved around them in some way (okay that sounds weirdly obsessive but it wasn't an unhealthy obsession- I just really love what they stood for (GIRL POWER!) and their image and personalities and just...everything!). As far as their style/fashion sense, I admired each for their individuality and their love of color as well as their ridiculous shoe collection (a kid in my class once said that he heard they killed people with their monstrous shoes and I actually believed him! What a weird kid). I could go on and on about how fabulous the Spice Girls are but you know, we've gotta move on to my next style icon... 

Audrey Hepburn was so much more than just Breakfast at Tiffany's and anyone who doesn't list her as one of their style icons is just crazy. ;) Almost everything about her is admirable but her style, of course, is just something truly special that no other celebrity has been able to match. I love that she looked glamorous (for lack of a better word) in dresses, jeans, or bare feet. Her quiet confidence intertwined perfectly with her fashion sense, creating a truly unforgettable image.

Kate Middleton. I never cared much for the Royals. I never paid attention. Back when Princess Diana was super famous, I was too young to understand who she really was. Enter, Kate Middleton. I think it's safe to say she's one of the classiest ladies in the public eye at the moment and I just absolutely love her for that. People can argue that the Royals do absolutely nothing for the world or their country but I beg to differ. Kate Middleton is such a great representation of Britain (as opposed to the people who "represent" the USA- The Kardashians? uh, no thanks- although no disrespect to those of you who are fans). I think while there is so much negativity in the media these days, it's nice to see the Royals celebrating life and spreading positive images.

Stacy London. You may or may not have noticed that most of the people I've listed happen to be British. Call me crazy, but I don't really keep up with American celebrities or culture- it doesn't interest me much. But if I had to choose the classiest and most fashionable female American celebrity, it would be without a doubt Stacy London who co-hosts the show "What Not To Wear". Most of you probably haven't heard of her but she definitely knows how to dress. I was lucky enough to see her in person a couple of years ago and she's just as fabulous as I always imagined. If only there were more Americans that dressed like her...

If you couldn't tell, I really admire classy people (women and men). And yes, I actually would consider the Spice Girls classy compared to what young people have as role models these days (I know, I sound 80 years old). Class is such a rare trait nowadays so when I find it, I cling on to it and analyze it from all angles because apart from kindness and intellectual-ism (so not a word...), being classy in all aspects, is what I will always strive to be...

Who are your style icons? 

Castle in the Sky

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, first of all, thank you very much for sticking with me and secondly, you might remember that last year I had the privilege of swimming in the pool of California's famous Hearst castle. Well, once again, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to visit the castle for a swim but this time I only dipped a few toes into the freezing cold water as opposed to last year where my whole body took a swim (just so I could say that I've swam in the famous pool- you know, that whole "once in a lifetime"  kinda thing).

Instead of swimming, I decided to just take it all in and do a bit of day dreaming (and picture taking, of course). I can't even imagine what it would be like to be rich enough to live in a place like this. I actually don't think I would like it that much (as weird as that sounds). Being so rich would get boring fast. Imagine being able to buy anything and everything- I don't think I would appreciate the small things as much if I lived like that. I would probably also feel extremely paranoid about not being able to trust anyone around me (they'd probably all want to kill me for my money- okay, maybe I read too many murder mysteries!) I'm not saying I would enjoy being poor but I think somewhere in the middle is just fine with me.

With that said, one thing I could definitely imagine is dressing fabulously just like the ladies did during the 1920's & 30's when all the glamorous movie stars were invited to dine and relax at the Hearst castle. Imagine being able to dress up all fancy with strings of pearls, silk gowns, and red lipstick while taking a walk around the pool with the sunset in clear view. Perfectly dreamy, if you ask me.


Once I snapped back to reality and returned home to my comfy PJs and sipping tea, I decided to sit back and upload all the pictures from my day's events. I was a bit disappointed to find that the four pictures I asked my dad to take of me smiling by the castle poolside were nowhere to be found. It turns out he didn't press the camera button hard enough so he never actually took the pictures (gotta make myself  a mental note to teach him how to use the DSLR). Hilarious but annoying at the same time. Now it seems as if I never was there! Or maybe I never was there. Maybe I was just dreaming all along...