Wear Are They Now?

Many years before I even knew what personal style blogs were, I always enjoyed documenting my outfits via frequent pictures just so I could look back on what I wore. I stumbled upon these pictures from a few years ago (2008, to be exact) and was actually surprised to see that I still own several of the pieces I was wearing.

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Wear Are They Now?
Story of the sunglasses: I can’t remember where they were from (Forever 21, possibly) but they have been my favorite glasses I’ve ever owned and unfortunately they broke a couple of years ago. I tried to glue them together but they just kept breaking. Very sad indeed.

Story of the brown vest: I still own this. I’ve had it since 2005. It has such a renaissance-y, classic feel to it. I don’t wear it nearly enough these days but it’s one of those pieces I keep at the back of my closet just in case (actually, last year I wore it to the Renaissance Festival).

Story of the long-sleeved top under the vest: From Forever 21, bought it during the time my dog was just a puppy and loved chewing things so somehow he ripped up the sleeves during one of his playful moods and that was the end of that. I kinda really liked it, too. Good thing it wasn’t expensive.

Story of the B Makowsky Crossbody pink leather bag: I loved this the moment I saw it at Marshalls. It was a little pricey but my parents were kind enough to buy it as a birthday gift. Just before that I had bought a blue one exactly like it on eBay and I still have the desire to buy the black version with the chain strap. This bag will definitely be in my possession for many years to come.

Story of the grey jeans: I felt cool in these jeans even though they were way too low in the crotch which made them extremely uncomfortable 99% of the time. Still, they were grey, which is one of my favorite neutrals, so I loved them until they became a size too small…

Story of the slouchy teal leather boots: I ordered these from the Delias catalog and although they were kind of pricey, I definitely got great use out of them. I still own them, not wanting to part with them, but the soles are literally broken in half and the sides are unsewn. They should’ve been thrown out a while ago. But if you didn’t know, I kinda have hoarder tendencies, so….

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve owned a clothing item? Do you still wear it?

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  1. nice photos !




  2. You look so gorgeous dear!
    Your Outfit is so cute :)
    Wish you a beautiful day& a nice weekend! <3

    Love, Mona

  3. I love this idea Victoria! What a lovely post, enjoyed reading about your clothing's history :) I have owned a lot of my clothes for a long time! I'm better now because I tend to mostly buy things that are good quality and a classic style, so they will still be my favourites in years to come :) xx

  4. This reminds me of a one piece swimsuit my mom bought me when I was in 4th grade(I've always been tall and lanky for an Asian). I felt like it's too big for me at that time so I never wore it. I just found it in my closet last month and I realized that if fits me perfectly well now! You can just imagine how old it is!

  5. It so happens with me! I just can't let go of things... but I am shifting now so had to let go of all of them now... :(
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting... following you now... hope you can follow back.. <3
    Let's talk about everything

  6. Love your outfit <3 The pink bag is super cute~! And pumpkin-picking looks really good fun!!

    *steph x

  7. You look so chic and pretty in this outfit! I love these photos. :)

  8. These are such cute pictures gorgeous! I actually have several items that I have owned for years! The thing is I buy loads of stuff at a time so I do not wear a particular item over and over again, thus it remains in good shaoe :)





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