Ghost town adventures


I love California so much.  I know, I always say it, but it’s true. I’m so happy to have been born here and to be able to know it for what it really is (none of this fake LA Hollywood stuff- California is so much more than that, people, believe me). What I love most is (surprisingly, not the weather) but the fact that there’s so many aspects of it, so much terrain to cover and explore and I’m discovering new things all the time even though I’ve been here all my life.I should seriously be California’s official spokesperson ;) Anyway, I had been wanting to visit a ghost town for the longest time. I know a lot of them are recreated and not too many are authentic anymore, but I really didn’t care- I just wanted to see one. It turned out to be just what I imagined! The guy in charge actually claimed that people had been “hearing” and “seeing” spooky things, which, I kind of doubt, but it’s still exciting to think about! Have you ever been to a place like this?








  1. Amazing photos! The Ghost Town look so awesome! It's my first time know about this! So interesting!

  2. wow I bet it was so weird to visit a ghost town. I would be pretty freaked out haha. Also, it's nice to see this side of california on a blog rather than just the usual beaches etc

    Francesca xo

    1. Yeah, it was more interesting than anything! I agree, everyone always just mentions the beaches and weather when speaking about California- I get tired of hearing about them myself! :)

  3. That sounds awesome - I've never heard of or visited a ghost town but it looks like a great experience. When I read ghost town, it reminded me of an article I read once about abandoned theme parks (I think it was in Japan) and I was so intrigued by the photos and the stories behind their closing - I decided I would have to visit one someday, though Mark is not so keen, he thinks it would be creepy/eery!! The place you live is so intriguing. I love the colours of your outfit, you look so Summery and pretty :) I really love your new layout Victoria - it's lovely :) xx

    1. Thanks so much, Hannah! :) Ooh, that would be so interesting to see that in Japan. I've never heard of those- I'll have to read about them. I don't think it'd be creepy at all! haha. xxx

  4. P.s. Pick up your paintbrush and have a go!! :) you can do it xx

  5. cool pictures!

  6. This is so cool! Arg the weather! I need to move somewhere sunny, I'm sick of the cold and the rain. x

  7. I think the ghost towns we have here are authentic ones that are often located far into the mountains and if you've seen any of those Asian horror moviews (the ring, the grudge) you have to be crazy to want to go there.

    Do photographers often visit the ghost towns there?





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