Easter Weekend Getaway (Part 1)

This Easter, I dyed some eggs a day early because the next day, on Sunday, I accompanied my parents (and my dog Djinn Djinn, of course) on a weekend getaway to a peaceful town by a lake a sleepy town by a big puddle. It's the kind of town that only has a few motels and of those, only a couple of them allow dogs. As a result, I unfortunately, only have myself to blame for the motel my parents and I ended up with. Ah, who am I kidding- it's Djinn Djinn's fault for wanting to tag along ;)

It's hilarious to think about (the motel experience) now, though- while it was happening, I took it in stride and marked it off as another adventure (in my lifetime, I've experienced my fair share of crazy vacation accommodations). I wish I could say that the worst thing about this motel experience was that they didn't have Wi-fi, (even though the first thing they advertise on their sign is 'Free Wi-fi') but it wasn't. Stepping into the room was like stepping back into the 60's, and not in a good way. We experienced everything from carpets that smelled like feet, to broken water faucets, cheap tissue paper (cheaper than from the dollar store, if you can believe it) and incredibly loud squeaky doors. I tell you, it's hilarious to think about it now but while it was happening, it was a bit annoying at times.

Probably the most hilarious experience I've had in a motel room was when I was terrified to sleep all night with a window that wouldn't close (terrified that someone would crawl in through the night and murder me) only to find in the morning, that the window led to a small cliff so it would've been impossible for someone to climb up. Worried all night for nothing!

Anyway, all weird experiences aside, some highlights of the trip were: getting to see my first rainbow in YEARS, taking these beautiful pictures, seeing my dog have a great time in the sunshine, and just taking a break from everyday life (yes, including wi-fi, which meant that I was forced to go to bed way earlier than normal). What did you do for Easter? Have you ever had a crazy motel/hotel experience?



  1. wow, the place looks so lovely!! (I love the rainbow pic) it's just a shame about the motel!!

    Francesca xo

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  3. Haha this motel sounds hilarious! I always associate motels with dark and sinister people, I think I watch way too many movies ;) This place looks great for relaxing though, lucky to have captured such a beautiful rainbow!
    I have experienced my fair share of funny 'hotel' moments, for example whilst in Cuba we mostly stayed in private homes. Overall it was a greattt experience but I didnt enjoy throwing away used toilet paper in a bag as opposed to flushing it! This house was so old, its pipes were not strong enough unfortunately :)

  4. Glad you were able to laugh about your motel experience! Sounds much more exciting than my quiet Easter at home! :)

  5. It looks like you had a darling time and your dog is adorable :).

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  6. Lovely post Victoria :) the motel experience sounds crazy! I love your photo of the rainbow :) my friend & I once stayed for a week in London in a tiny room that was literally fluorescent orange - not fun!! You walked in, and the door being open touched the bed (good old girly sleepover in a double bed!), then the bathroom was on the right and you could actually use the toilet, wash your hands and shower ALL at the same time!! I love your new layout by the way :) xxx

  7. Sounds like a crazy trip! Sometimes sketchy accomidations are fun. ;-) I love the eggs you decorated!

  8. Sounds like such a nice place though

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