First sign of spring

Mar 10, 2013

Supposedly, Spring is on its way. Although, I have to admit that today, while the sun was out, the rest of the weather did not match. It was cold and windy- the kind of cold I'd imagine it to be in Ireland during the summer (although I really have no idea, I'm just assuming- can anyone confirm this for me?). I mean, while the rest of California (or at least LA, which is the only city that people seem to know about- I don't blame them- it's a fascinating city) is already in shorts and flip flops, I was wearing a WOOL coat and rain boots (not very California-like at all, if you ask me). All I seem to be wearing lately is sweaters and jeans, jeans and sweaters. I can't be bothered to wear much else when the weather is this unpredictable (cloudy and cool one minute, sunny and windy, the next). Like a kid on Christmas, I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer. Hurry up, I say! Chattering teeth and shivering bones is not my best look.

Wearing: Coat: Nordstrom Rack/Sweater: Old Navy/Jeans: Forever 21/Rainboots: Ralph Lauren via Marshalls/Dog: Animal Shelter