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When I was younger-ish, I would always hoard my clothes for as long as possible mainly because I always had different pieces that I really enjoyed wearing. I had t-shirts that I had from when I was 6 that I was still wearing at age 14. When it finally came time for me to part with each item, I decided that the only way to hang onto (I don't know, my childhood? my happy memories?) would be by taking a photo of each. And so here I have 4 different pieces to share with you- pieces that I consider some of my most memorable clothing items. I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality- these were taken during the time when digital cameras had just been born...

When I was 16, these jeans (above) made me feel as cool as Britney Spears. Ohhh, yes! I found them at TJ Maxx for $2 (because one of the belt loops was ripped) and I wore them non-stop for a few years before I finally woke up and realized that they actually made me look a bit shorter and just...weird.

This Popsicle t-shirt was one of the t-shirts I was "famous" for back in 7th grade. I thought I was cool as a popsicle (ha ha...okay, not funny) and even though my face was full of big fat zits, I felt amazingly confident whenever I'd wear it to school.

Anyone who knows me kind of sort of knows about my obsession with all things British... so, of course this t-shirt from Wet Seal was made for me! And then...I happened to see it on Lizzie McGuire's best friend during one episode and the "magic" of the t-shirt somewhat's not that I didn't like the show (quite the contrary, actually), but I just didn't want anyone else having the same shirt... Oh, how weirdly weird I was!

And the final piece is this t-shirt that was somewhat of a disappointment. It was one of those t-shirts that a reader of Teen Vogue had entered their illustration into some competition and won. Well this was the illustration that won and in the advertisement, it made it seem as if the whole t-shirt was covered in the illustration, but it was not so. As seen in this picture, the illustration only covers a tiny corner, which is terribly disappointing especially when I had to purchase 3 Covergirl products just to send in for the "free" t-shirt...

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and would be interested in seeing other old clothing pieces of mine. Hopefully I'm not the only one who keeps a diary of the clothes I used to know...


  1. It sucks that you were disappointed, I would be too! it still looks lovely despite being small and in the corner :)!

    I like it :)
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  2. This is such a cool idea, taking a picture of items that you had to part with. It's very original, and I would definitely like to see more posts like this! And I also have an obsession with all things british! :DD I have a british flag painted in my room and lots of "british" t-shirts :D I go back to the UK every other summer, and it is such a lovely place! I miss it so much xx.

  3. I love this personal post. I am the complete same, I know it sounds a bit crazy but I feel sorry for the clothes I throw out!! I like the bit about the jeans-it kinda reminds me of sisterhood of the travelling pants-and lets face it who hasn't thought they were as cool as Britney in one part of their life ;)


  4. I really enjoyed this post :) I had a pair of jeans similar, but mine were way more flared... like actual bell bottoms!! I loved them haha but I have to wonder now what on earth I was thinking, I mean, my mum had the exact same pair..! I think it's a lovely idea to take a photo of your clothes that you have to throw out. I've done it with several other things before, but never with my clothes, and it's a great idea :) there are clothes sitting in the top of my wardrobe that will never, ever be worn again but that are kept for sentimental value, so maybe I will take a photo and let them go :) xx

  5. Omg this is such a smart idea. I wish I had thought about this years ago!! I would've taken pictures of my:

    - flower embroided bell bottom jeans from The Gap
    - my Mavi bell bottom overalls
    - I had a hideous bright yellow puffer jacket that I loved when I was 15
    - I wouldn've taken pics of all the tacky Ed Hardy that I owned. What was I thinking!! lol

  6. Really love that popsicle tee! xx

  7. Fun post, I remember a ton of 'fashionable'clothes I used to wear haha. Fun to look back on that! I really wanted to thank you for your amazingly sweet and supportive words in your comment on my blog! It means the world to me!

    -xoxo- lorena

  8. Love this post! This is a great idea, and one time I saw the shirt I had on disney channel too! :)

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