Clothes minded memories

Feb 23, 2013
When I was younger-ish, I would always hoard my clothes for as long as possible mainly because I always had different pieces that I really enjoyed wearing. I had t-shirts that I had from when I was 6 that I was still wearing at age 14. When it finally came time for me to part with each item, I decided that the only way to hang onto (I don't know, my childhood? my happy memories?) would be by taking a photo of each. And so here I have 4 different pieces to share with you- pieces that I consider some of my most memorable clothing items. I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality- these were taken during the time when digital cameras had just been born...

When I was 16, these jeans (above) made me feel as cool as Britney Spears. Ohhh, yes! I found them at TJ Maxx for $2 (because one of the belt loops was ripped) and I wore them non-stop for a few years before I finally woke up and realized that they actually made me look a bit shorter and just...weird.

This Popsicle t-shirt was one of the t-shirts I was "famous" for back in 7th grade. I thought I was cool as a popsicle (ha ha...okay, not funny) and even though my face was full of big fat zits, I felt amazingly confident whenever I'd wear it to school.

Anyone who knows me kind of sort of knows about my obsession with all things British... so, of course this t-shirt from Wet Seal was made for me! And then...I happened to see it on Lizzie McGuire's best friend during one episode and the "magic" of the t-shirt somewhat's not that I didn't like the show (quite the contrary, actually), but I just didn't want anyone else having the same shirt... Oh, how weirdly weird I was!

And the final piece is this t-shirt that was somewhat of a disappointment. It was one of those t-shirts that a reader of Teen Vogue had entered their illustration into some competition and won. Well this was the illustration that won and in the advertisement, it made it seem as if the whole t-shirt was covered in the illustration, but it was not so. As seen in this picture, the illustration only covers a tiny corner, which is terribly disappointing especially when I had to purchase 3 Covergirl products just to send in for the "free" t-shirt...

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and would be interested in seeing other old clothing pieces of mine. Hopefully I'm not the only one who keeps a diary of the clothes I used to know...

Currently Reading

Feb 19, 2013
I don't think it's ever possible for me to read just one book at a time. Although I don't actually read them at the very same time, (that'd be kind of weird to have all 5 books open at once, eh? I'm weird but not THAT weird) I like to have a variety to choose from whenever I feel like opening a book. At the moment, I've got quite an interesting bunch that I've been reading off and on. Without the risk of getting all "Reading Rainbow" on you, allow me to introduce them...

The first book is The Times We Had by Marion Davies (aka, William Randolph Hearst's girlfriend-lady friend-person-lover? can read more about W.R. Hearst in this post, if you're interested) and it's basically her autobiography. She was an actress back in the day of silent films and such. I really enjoy autobiographies so although I'm less than half way into this book, I'm sure it's one that will keep my attention.

Next is Leonardo's Lost Princess by Peter Silverman and this is right up my street, as I'm an Art History major and anything to do with art AND mysteries fascinates me. This is about a man who purchased a painting by an unknown painter and started suspecting that it might actually be a lost painting of Leonardo Da Vinci's. It's amazing how they do the whole authentication process of art and I'm very curious to see if it ends up being a true Leonardo painting.

Third on the list is actually a textbook I got for a class that I didn't need to take after all. But it's still an interesting-looking book and I intend to read it. It's Individuality in Clothing Selection & Personal Appearance (whoa, that's almost a tongue-twister - sort of). In short, I think it's basically a book about how personal style reflects on what others think about us and all that psychological stuff...

Some of you might know by now that I'm really into classic things- shows, movies, actors, etc. I don't really like our current pop culture. So when I saw this book about the classic TV show The Munsters: A Trip Down Mockingbird Lane (by Stephen Cox), I just had to have it. I seriously watch the show non-stop on Netflix because it's just so laid-back, funny, and GOOFY. The book is proving to be just as good.

Lastly, a book about Fashion (design drawing course). It's basically filled with designer tips about technique and textures, fabrics, etc. I'm no designer but I still enjoy learning about that world...

There you have it...what I'm currently reading (apart from my snooze-worthy textbooks for the classes I'm taking this semester). What are you currently reading? Do you enjoy these kinds of posts?

Sunny Sunny Sunglasses

Feb 16, 2013
These sunglasses are a little "louder" than what I am usually drawn to. When I saw them at a local boutique for only $5, I just had to have them. They sort of remind me of something Luna Lovegood would wear (my favorite HP character, by the way). There was something unique about them and I figured it'd be fun to wear something a little more bold since it's only eye wear. The boutique has since gone out of business (hence the reason the sunglasses were on sale for such a great price) which is unfortunate because I had only just discovered it.

Sweater: Old Navy/Shorts: Kohl's/Tights: Steve Madden/Boots: Dolce Vita

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

Feb 12, 2013
I don't usually consciously participate in style trends but there's one current trend that I can't seem to get enough of: color-blocking. For the past year, I have pretty much done every other outfit in color-block form and it's also a look that I've been participating in for possibly my entire life thus far (I just didn't know it). Somehow, color-blocking makes me feel put together yet unique knowing that my color palette won't be similar to what anyone else is wearing that same day. And for someone like me, who loves way too many bright colors, color blocking is the way to go (I don't have to decide on just one color to wear!). I often base my color palette on nature because honestly, nature does some of the best color-blocking, in my opinion. Just look at the blue sky with the golden sunshine overlooking the lush green grass, or the happy lilac flowers with a yellow center and lime green stem. In my eyes, color-blocking is a part of nature. Or maybe I'm just weird. Here's hoping that this trend does not go away any time soon. Take a look at some of my favorite color-block outfits that I've featured on here over the past year...

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Keep calm & go to the beach

Feb 6, 2013

Please excuse the poor quality of these photos- they were taken with my phone because my lazy self forgot my "real" camera.
I don't think words can express how calm and refreshed being near the sea makes one feel. I'm not the kind of person who likes to lounge around in a bikini (well especially in the middle of winter and frankly, I just don't have the body for it, but...I digress...), but rather, I go to the beach fully clothed and walk around searching for sea glass and gazing into the vast waters that go on for forever, imagining that if I look hard enough I can see Japan from where I stand or a ship from the 1700s in the midst of a voyage. The ocean holds far too many secrets and I enjoy nothing better than to spend a day (or even an hour) just taking it all in. What do you do at the beach? Does it inspire you?