The Day of Birth

Jan 19, 2013
Welp. Happy Birthday to me! Thank you all for the early birthday wishes! Means a lot to me. I also got a lot of special birthday wishes from people I don't usually hear from otherwise. That is always the best thing about turning a year older.

Here's to another year older and (hopefully) another year wiser...

The birthday month

Jan 15, 2013
My mid-twenty-something birthday is rapidly approaching (on the 19th of this month, to be exact) and if I'm being honest, for the first time ever, I'm not really looking forward to it this year. While I know that I've got a long way to go until I am officially considered old, I've been feeling so nostalgic lately remembering how great my childhood was when the only thing that stressed me out was missing a Spice Girls performance on TV. A lot has changed since then and adulthood has proven to be more than a challenge. And although so much comes and goes with adulthood, the only thing that has never left me is my belief that anything in life is possible. Whatever I hope for, dream for, can all be mine, with patience, work, and determination.
My 1st Birthday.
4th Birthday.
11th Birthday.
This year, another year older, I hope to say YES to every good opportunity that meets me and to step out of my comfort zone more often than not. Here's to another amazing year that I hope to be able to look back and smile at one day when I'm 97. Happy (almost) Birthday to me.

21st Birthday