A Band-Aid Fixes Everything

After spending a beautiful day galloping (yes, galloping) and prancing (I must be turning into a deer) around on the trail near the water, I am now home removing all 7 of the band-aids that I have worn on my feet to prevent more blisters from forming due to wearing my still-brand-new moccasins. I've yet to break them in. It's okay, though. I have always had this weird obsessive love for wearing band-aids. Ever since I was little, I've loved wearing band-aids for no reason. I remember once, in my McDonald's Happy Meal, there were some Ronald McDonald band-aids (instead of a toy, and no, they were not used!), and I couldn't wait to wear them! So instead of waiting til I got a cut, I just wore them on random places, as if they were stickers. Not only are band-aids good for skin protection, they also help to temporarily fix stuff. I still remember when I was 5 and bought a little shell ring in Hawaii that was too big for me. My dad suggested rolling a band-aid around it (that was the only thing we had available at the time) to make it fit more snug against my finger. It worked and I was amazed...of course, like I said, I was 5, but still...

Physically, and perhaps mentally, it seems as if a band-aid cures everything and it's a major bonus when it's a pretty band-aid! Don't get me wrong, I can't stand anything to do with medical stuff, blood, and doctors, but band aids are super cool and if I was some kind of trendsetter, band-aids would be in my almost-everyday casual wardrobe. So, now that you think I'm a crazy weirdo, now would be a good time to end this post.

Sunnies: Forever 21/Scarf: Marshalls/Sweatshirt: Thrift Store/Shorts: Kohl's/Moccasins: Minnetonka


  1. Ah cool, that´s not crazy! Everybody likes something different. I really enjoyed reading the story when you were little. I love your outfit!
    kisses chris

  2. wow....why you got so many blisters??? Take care dear...U should wear hiking boots/ shoes:))..anyway, I would love to walk by the ocean !!!! Always love your photos cus you are always outside!!...BY the ocean!!


  3. Aww, such an adorable dog !
    I love your boots too (:

  4. You are so funny. I've had shoe problems that required band-aids this week too! But I don't love wearing them like you do.

    I love the second picture of you!

  5. love the shoes..:)
    and such a cute puppy..
    xo sabbi

  6. suuuuch a cute puppy you have there! It looks so happy~ you look like you're having a ton of fun too!


  7. LOL I'm the same way with bandaids! My husband laughs at me when I put them on just because I have a bruise or something and no cut....but psychologically, they make me feel better! haha! P.S. Thanks for the info on Posh Spice- love gold even more now knowing it's her fav! ;)
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  8. what an amazing pics!!! love them!
    kisses pretty!

  9. Great pictures, those are so cute!

  10. Aw your dog is sweet! I hate having blisters on my feet- so good call with the band-aids! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment
    Daniella x


  11. great pictures!!:) I have a Giveaway now and I would love to invite you to participate!!:) keep in touch!


  12. I love pets and your dog it's so so cute!!

    I'll start following here maybe you can follow me back!


  13. Hey Lady! I'm so happy you visited and commented because I haven't been to your blog in way too long! Loving this outfit, and shoes moccasin boots are the best!
    Loving the backround by the way too! and I'm not just saying that:)
    haha Take Care!
    xoxo, Emily