A Band-Aid Fixes Everything

After spending a beautiful day galloping (yes, galloping) and prancing (I must be turning into a deer) around on the trail near the water, I am now home removing all 7 of the band-aids that I have worn on my feet to prevent more blisters from forming due to wearing my still-brand-new moccasins. I've yet to break them in. It's okay, though. I have always had this weird obsessive love for wearing band-aids. Ever since I was little, I've loved wearing band-aids for no reason. I remember once, in my McDonald's Happy Meal, there were some Ronald McDonald band-aids (instead of a toy, and no, they were not used!), and I couldn't wait to wear them! So instead of waiting til I got a cut, I just wore them on random places, as if they were stickers. Not only are band-aids good for skin protection, they also help to temporarily fix stuff. I still remember when I was 5 and bought a little shell ring in Hawaii that was too big for me. My dad suggested rolling a band-aid around it (that was the only thing we had available at the time) to make it fit more snug against my finger. It worked and I was amazed...of course, like I said, I was 5, but still...

Physically, and perhaps mentally, it seems as if a band-aid cures everything and it's a major bonus when it's a pretty band-aid! Don't get me wrong, I can't stand anything to do with medical stuff, blood, and doctors, but band aids are super cool and if I was some kind of trendsetter, band-aids would be in my almost-everyday casual wardrobe. So, now that you think I'm a crazy weirdo, now would be a good time to end this post.

Sunnies: Forever 21/Scarf: Marshalls/Sweatshirt: Thrift Store/Shorts: Kohl's/Moccasins: Minnetonka