LA: City of Hopes & Dreams & Everything in Between

There's something about LA that leaves me fascinated yet curious at the same time.I guess maybe it's because there's so many diverse surroundings, views, and atmospheres all kind of cramped together in one location. It's a place that you can go back to and always see something that you've never seen before. While it's not my favorite city in California, it is definitely a cool place. On my recent trip to a family reunion (which is always awkward because, well, who really knows any of their relatives at a family reunion?), I visited the area known as San Gabriel. Although I had been there a few times before, this time I saw it at a different angle. I saw the pretty side and the ugly side. I saw the historical side as well as the present. While I didn't witness any fashion-y boutiques this time around, what I saw was still enough to make me feel inspired & satisfied.

My dad told me this is the house my great grandfather had moved from Beverly Hills years & years ago.
View of LA from the freeway. Love the skyscrapers in the distance.



  1. Amazing pictures, undoubtedly LA is one of my favorite cities!


  2. I've never been in LA but after seeing this pics I think it's a cool city and I really want to see it :)

  3. What goegeous pictures of LA - that piano is crazy cool!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. great this post honey, nice landscape!


  5. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a great time! That piano is awesome!
    A's Fashion Files

  6. When I went to LA I was not impressed at all. However, I keep hearing more and more about it and how cool it can be, so I am curious to go again someday.

    P.s. That painted piano is COOL.
    P.p.s I love your picture of the beautifully decorated high ceilings.