The Rebirth

The Renaissance is one of my favorite time periods to learn about simply because of the art/music/fashion that was created then. And, never having been to a proper Renaissance faire, I was super excited about the one being held over the weekend. It was an interesting experience and it almost felt as if I was transported back in time (other than seeing the occasional person chatting on their cell phone). Overall, I had a good time, especially putting together my outfit (which was totally last minute and not 100% Renaissance- more like modern-day Renaissance).

Ignore the awkward smile: it was super hot out & that's all I could think about!
I think I just got insulted!?!!
Love how it says "China" at the bottom. Silly me for thinking they were handcrafted in Europe.

Little Piece of Paradise

Every time that there's a dog event in town, I just have to attend. Who can resist cute little (and big) dogs wagging their tails, wandering about and socializing with each other? Unfortunately, my dog hates crowds (the little fun sucker) so I have to leave him at home every time. Today's event was at a lake which was, until today, totally unknown to me, although I had passed it millions of times before. It's a bit hidden and from the road, it just looks like a big mud puddle of some sort. Imagine my delight when I discovered that the lake is a true beauty.

Today, my outfit consisted of some black wool-blended shorts I found in the kids sale section at Gap. They were only $5 and they must run really big for kid's sizes because they even fit me a little loose (nope, I'm not skinny)...and unfortunately they don't have belt loops. In addition, I'm using the bag I just got from Oasap. And of course, I can't seem to stop wearing my neon ballet flats that I also got at Gap for really cheap .  

Sweater: Bandolino/Top: Target/Bag: Oasap/Shorts & Flats: Gap