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I love my dog. And he loves me (mainly when I have meat in my hand but that's beside the point). I adopted him as a puppy from the local animal shelter 3 years ago, and my life has improved so much because of him. He is a rat terrier mix and his name is Djinn Djinn (pronounced Jinn Jinn), named after the little dog on I Dream of Jeannie. He is my little companion and although he acts more like a cat than a dog, he is the greatest. 

Sweater: Forever 21/Shorts: Kohl's/Tights: Marshalls/Shoes: Gap/Bag: Vintage

Before I got Djinn Djinn, I actually was afraid of dogs...but not anymore. He's helped me to realize how loving, gentle, and fun they can be. Because of him, I've become aware of the alarming number of homeless pets in this country and whenever I can, I try to help or inform others of how big this problem is. If we could all save just one animal, it would make a huge difference. And we don't have to save them by adopting them. We can volunteer our time at animal shelters, donate money, or, here's an option I absolutely love: Forever 21 currently has tops for sale and $1 of the purchase price is given to the ASPCA. You can find the tops here. So not only can you look stylish, but you're helping to make a difference in the life of a creature who has nothing but unconditional love to give. What's better than that? What do you think of dogs? Would you wear one of these tops?


  1. I rescued a dog 3 weeks ago and I adore her, dogs are such loving little things <3 Djinn Djinn is a cutie! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  2. this looks really great!!!

  3. ooo so lovely pics !! :D:D

  4. So cute! Dogs are just amazing. <3 x

  5. awwwww this dog is so cute <3
    I have a cat that once was homeless :(

  6. That is so sweet, I would want to rescue a dog from a shelter one day (mom will not allow it at home)...Love your outfit, the orange tones and the vintage bag are fabulous!

    - Che

  7. djinn djinn is such a cute dog!
    btw, thanks for dropping by, happy to follow back!

  8. Your dog is SO adorable!! He looks like such a wonderful little buddy :) Thanks for stopping by my blog - I would love to follow each other and keep in touch!


  9. I wont lie- I'm super jealous gorgeous pup :) Want one so badly but tiny one bedroom flats and dogs are not a good mix.

    Your bag is stunning!

    Sofi xx

  10. This is inspiring! I love your fashion sense dear! And your dog is cute!

    I just want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

  11. Your dog is such a cutie - I have to say that I'm frightened of big dogs, I don't like them jumping on me. Maybe one day I will take the plunge :)

  12. So lovely, nothing like them and their company!
    The bag is amazing. I'm followin via Bloglovin.

  13. your dog is soo cute *-*
    thanks for the comment, i love the 60's too *-*
    maybe we can follow each other :)

  14. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Follow each other? :)


  15. hello! your blog is great, really... follow each other??? let me know ok!

  16. Really love your bag! Lovely <3
    I'm your new follower :)
    Mind to follow me back?

    Stay Pretty,

  17. yeyyyyy! thanks for your comment on my blog... following....

  18. Your dog is adorable & lovely pic’s hope you both have many happy walks ahead!

  19. these are such amazing photos. i can really see how much you both love each other in these photos. my favorite has got to be the first photo. it is just so honest and sweet.

    xx rae <3

  20. Cute dog and great outfit
    I am following you now, hope we can follow each others :)

  21. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    You look lovely in these photos! and your dog is just the cutesT!! :D


    Quite A Looker

    btw you have a new follower ;)

  22. I think the top looks lovely, and what a great cause :) beautiful photos - and what a pretty unique bag!! x

  23. I've always loved blue and orange together :)

    xo Jennifer

  24. wonderful look!

  25. How cute is your dog in his little jumper!! I want one so badly - shame the rest of my family are all allergic! Maybe I can convince them to get a hypoallergenic one?

  26. Cute dog! He's also a fashionista! LOL! ヅ
    You have a nice outfit too! So chic! ヅ

    P.S. Thanks for your cool comment & for our following our blog.
    We just returned the love. GFC follower #62.

    Hugs from the Philippines! ヅ





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