Girl and dog

Jun 23, 2012
I love my dog. And he loves me (mainly when I have meat in my hand but that's beside the point). I adopted him as a puppy from the local animal shelter 3 years ago, and my life has improved so much because of him. He is a rat terrier mix and his name is Djinn Djinn (pronounced Jinn Jinn), named after the little dog on I Dream of Jeannie. He is my little companion and although he acts more like a cat than a dog, he is the greatest. 

Sweater: Forever 21/Shorts: Kohl's/Tights: Marshalls/Shoes: Gap/Bag: Vintage

Before I got Djinn Djinn, I actually was afraid of dogs...but not anymore. He's helped me to realize how loving, gentle, and fun they can be. Because of him, I've become aware of the alarming number of homeless pets in this country and whenever I can, I try to help or inform others of how big this problem is. If we could all save just one animal, it would make a huge difference. And we don't have to save them by adopting them. We can volunteer our time at animal shelters, donate money, or, here's an option I absolutely love: Forever 21 currently has tops for sale and $1 of the purchase price is given to the ASPCA. You can find the tops here. So not only can you look stylish, but you're helping to make a difference in the life of a creature who has nothing but unconditional love to give. What's better than that? What do you think of dogs? Would you wear one of these tops?

The great wall of GUM

Jun 22, 2012

Sweater: Fiorucci for Target/Pants: Forever 21/Bag: B Makowsky/Shoes: Merona for Target

Yes, yes, that is what you think it is: a wonderful, amazingly amusing wall of chewed gum! So...where in the world is this disgusting art piece located, you ask? It's located in the beautiful, scenic and super clean town of San Luis Obispo, CA. I. love. it. I first discovered this wall about 6 years ago and it has been a favorite attraction of mine since. Gross, I know. But you can't deny that it's very cool and a much better way to dispose of gum instead of all over the sidewalks.

I planned ahead of time to go visit this wall today for the first time in 5 years and subconsciously (I just noticed) I dressed to look like a gumball with the vivid colors I chose to wear. Bright and fun - I wouldn't have it any other way. If you ever get the chance to visit San Luis Obispo, this wall is a must see! What do you think of it? Are you amused or totally grossed out?

These boots weren't made for walking

Jun 19, 2012
I have issues with letting go of clothing and accessories that I am greatly fond of. But there comes a time when something eventually rips, breaks, doesn't fit, or goes out of style. Unfortunately, the end has come for 2 of my beloved pairs of boots. Even though these boots are no longer in my wardrobe's life, I would like to share with you some of the happy times we had together. 

 Sweater: thrift store/Scarf&shorts: Forever 21 /Sunglasses: Old Navy/ Tights: Steve Madden/Boots: Vintage Enzo Angiolini/Dog: Animal Shelter (don't shop, adopt!)

Sweatshirt: Thrift store/Shorts&Sunglasses: Forever 21/Tights: Marshalls/Boots: Delia's

Sadly, the brown Enzo Angiolini boots were too tight for my feet. I didn't realize it though until I started noticing a bruise developing on my toe (gross, I know) and it freaked me out (not to mention, it hurt quite a bit) so I decided that I must give them away and hopefully someone with smaller feet can make good use of them. I loved them, though.

And then there's my blue suede boots: they were good to me for 6 long years until finally both soles just cracked open completely and I'm not sure if it would even be worth repairing them or if that's even possible. I'm still hanging on to them, though...until I find a replacement pair.

Have you parted with any of your favorite things lately? How did it make you feel?