A Band-Aid Fixes Everything

After spending a beautiful day galloping (yes, galloping) and prancing (I must be turning into a deer) around on the trail near the water, I am now home removing all 7 of the band-aids that I have worn on my feet to prevent more blisters from forming due to wearing my still-brand-new moccasins. I've yet to break them in. It's okay, though. I have always had this weird obsessive love for wearing band-aids. Ever since I was little, I've loved wearing band-aids for no reason. I remember once, in my McDonald's Happy Meal, there were some Ronald McDonald band-aids (instead of a toy, and no, they were not used!), and I couldn't wait to wear them! So instead of waiting til I got a cut, I just wore them on random places, as if they were stickers. Not only are band-aids good for skin protection, they also help to temporarily fix stuff. I still remember when I was 5 and bought a little shell ring in Hawaii that was too big for me. My dad suggested rolling a band-aid around it (that was the only thing we had available at the time) to make it fit more snug against my finger. It worked and I was amazed...of course, like I said, I was 5, but still...

Physically, and perhaps mentally, it seems as if a band-aid cures everything and it's a major bonus when it's a pretty band-aid! Don't get me wrong, I can't stand anything to do with medical stuff, blood, and doctors, but band aids are super cool and if I was some kind of trendsetter, band-aids would be in my almost-everyday casual wardrobe. So, now that you think I'm a crazy weirdo, now would be a good time to end this post.

Sunnies: Forever 21/Scarf: Marshalls/Sweatshirt: Thrift Store/Shorts: Kohl's/Moccasins: Minnetonka

Swimming on top of the world

This week has been a bit weird and unpredictable. But as always, there's a highlight to every week, every day, and every minute of life. This week, the highlight was getting to swim at the famous Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle on California's central coast, which was owned by the American newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst (today, you might recognize the name on such publications as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, or Marie Claire, as well as many others). The castle sits at the very top of a high hill overlooking the sea.
We even got to dress in the original dressing rooms! Loved them- they were so vintage!
One of the guest houses. Unfortunately, didn't get to stay in those!

To me, Hearst was just some old guy who built a fancy house in a beautiful location, but I can see why others who lived in his time period might have respected him more. Normally, I don't like swimming much but since this was basically a once in a lifetime opportunity, who could pass it up!? The water was FREEZING, by the way! It has been said that Hearst always used to require his guests (who were mostly Politicians, celebrities, and other "important" people) to dress modestly even when swimming. So, to make my swimming experience feel more authentic, I took it upon myself to wear some swim suit shorts, and a cotton crop top with a stretchy cami underneath - as modest as I could get on such short notice! :)

LA: City of Hopes & Dreams & Everything in Between

There's something about LA that leaves me fascinated yet curious at the same time.I guess maybe it's because there's so many diverse surroundings, views, and atmospheres all kind of cramped together in one location. It's a place that you can go back to and always see something that you've never seen before. While it's not my favorite city in California, it is definitely a cool place. On my recent trip to a family reunion (which is always awkward because, well, who really knows any of their relatives at a family reunion?), I visited the area known as San Gabriel. Although I had been there a few times before, this time I saw it at a different angle. I saw the pretty side and the ugly side. I saw the historical side as well as the present. While I didn't witness any fashion-y boutiques this time around, what I saw was still enough to make me feel inspired & satisfied.

My dad told me this is the house my great grandfather had moved from Beverly Hills years & years ago.
View of LA from the freeway. Love the skyscrapers in the distance.


The Rebirth

The Renaissance is one of my favorite time periods to learn about simply because of the art/music/fashion that was created then. And, never having been to a proper Renaissance faire, I was super excited about the one being held over the weekend. It was an interesting experience and it almost felt as if I was transported back in time (other than seeing the occasional person chatting on their cell phone). Overall, I had a good time, especially putting together my outfit (which was totally last minute and not 100% Renaissance- more like modern-day Renaissance).

Ignore the awkward smile: it was super hot out & that's all I could think about!
I think I just got insulted!?!!
Love how it says "China" at the bottom. Silly me for thinking they were handcrafted in Europe.

Little Piece of Paradise

Every time that there's a dog event in town, I just have to attend. Who can resist cute little (and big) dogs wagging their tails, wandering about and socializing with each other? Unfortunately, my dog hates crowds (the little fun sucker) so I have to leave him at home every time. Today's event was at a lake which was, until today, totally unknown to me, although I had passed it millions of times before. It's a bit hidden and from the road, it just looks like a big mud puddle of some sort. Imagine my delight when I discovered that the lake is a true beauty.

Today, my outfit consisted of some black wool-blended shorts I found in the kids sale section at Gap. They were only $5 and they must run really big for kid's sizes because they even fit me a little loose (nope, I'm not skinny)...and unfortunately they don't have belt loops. In addition, I'm using the bag I just got from Oasap. And of course, I can't seem to stop wearing my neon ballet flats that I also got at Gap for really cheap .  

Sweater: Bandolino/Top: Target/Bag: Oasap/Shorts & Flats: Gap

Girl and dog

I love my dog. And he loves me (mainly when I have meat in my hand but that's beside the point). I adopted him as a puppy from the local animal shelter 3 years ago, and my life has improved so much because of him. He is a rat terrier mix and his name is Djinn Djinn (pronounced Jinn Jinn), named after the little dog on I Dream of Jeannie. He is my little companion and although he acts more like a cat than a dog, he is the greatest. 

Sweater: Forever 21/Shorts: Kohl's/Tights: Marshalls/Shoes: Gap/Bag: Vintage

Before I got Djinn Djinn, I actually was afraid of dogs...but not anymore. He's helped me to realize how loving, gentle, and fun they can be. Because of him, I've become aware of the alarming number of homeless pets in this country and whenever I can, I try to help or inform others of how big this problem is. If we could all save just one animal, it would make a huge difference. And we don't have to save them by adopting them. We can volunteer our time at animal shelters, donate money, or, here's an option I absolutely love: Forever 21 currently has tops for sale and $1 of the purchase price is given to the ASPCA. You can find the tops here. So not only can you look stylish, but you're helping to make a difference in the life of a creature who has nothing but unconditional love to give. What's better than that? What do you think of dogs? Would you wear one of these tops?

The great wall of GUM

Yes, yes, that is what you think it is: a wonderful, amazingly amusing wall of chewed gum! So...where in the world is this disgusting art piece located, you ask? It's located in the beautiful, scenic and super clean town of San Luis Obispo, CA. I. love. it. I first discovered this wall about 6 years ago and it has been a favorite attraction of mine since. Gross, I know. But you can't deny that it's very cool and a much better way to dispose of gum instead of all over the sidewalks.

I planned ahead of time to go visit this wall today for the first time in 5 years and subconsciously (I just noticed) I dressed to look like a gumball with the vivid colors I chose to wear. Bright and fun - I wouldn't have it any other way. If you ever get the chance to visit San Luis Obispo, this wall is a must see! What do you think of it? Are you amused or totally grossed out?

The Beginning

I have finally done it: I have entered the blogging universe! After much careful thought and consideration, I've decided that I would enjoy sharing my thoughts and pictures for all to see. So stay tuned! And... before I end this, I will leave you with the image of what I was surrounded by today: a real life enchanted forest (at least, I like to believe it's enchanted! Look how the beautiful fog just makes everything so magical).